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Fully Illustrated Book on CD-ROM
by Felix Aeppli © 2003




Felix Aeppli’s 1996 book "The Rolling Stones, 1962-1995: The Ultimate Guide" (published in London and long out of print) was - as you probably know - a hard-cover tome in American letter format, 644 pages long and weighing 2.3 kilos. With all the new data from the “Bridges to Babylon 1997/98 World Tour” and the "No Security Tour" (1999) plus a lot of information regarding the years prior to 1995 - sent by readers, collectors and musicians from all over the world - to be added to that text, serious consideration was necessary regarding the size of the next publication. Bearing in mind the publisher’s warning: “The last one was bulky enough to handle”, Felix Aeppli decided to reduce his book text rather than expanding it by another 38 per cent. This means that in the new edition each year has been split into four sections, carefully avoiding useless repetition: A. Live Performances & Media Appearances (featuring Tour Dates / Set Lists / Representative Shows / Indispensable Soundboard Recordings / Memorable TV Coverage / Rehearsals / Club Gigs for every major tour); B. Studio Sessions; C. Relevant Releases; and D. Solo Section. The edition expands the Stones’ career from late 1995 to mid-2002 (July 12, 2002 to be precise, forty years after the band's first appearance at the Marquee Club in London).

The Rolling Stones, 1962-2002: The Ultimate Guide To The First Forty Years had been discussed and planned by Felix Aeppli and the London based publisher of his previous "Guide" for more than three years. It was meant to be released as a book featuring the four "Sections" outlined above plus a CD-ROM dealing with information not fully covered in the book such as unofficial releases, compilation albums or composers. It therefore came as a shock to the author (and to many readers) when in mid-May, 2003, almost out of nowhere the publisher decided to suspend the project for another year. In this situation the author - who by this time had himself prepared the complete layout of the book ending up with a fully illustrated two column text running over 496 pages - decided to take the big step forwards, i.e. to transfer ALL the texts onto a CD-ROM and to have this released by a local Swiss publishing house. The CD-ROM, officially released on September 1, 2003, enabled readers to work with "The Ultimate Guide" either on their own computers or to privately print the complete book texts including many colour illustrations.

Please check Samples of the book content and lay-out below (standard qualitiy, the CD-ROM also offers a high resolution option for print). - A number of copies of the CD-ROM are still available from the author at the price of 25 Euro or 25 US dollars plus postage (signed copies on request) . Details are available in the Ordering Info below. For updates to the 2003 publication please regularly visit the author's Rolling Stones site The Ultimate Guide.

Thanks for your interest and for your time.


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